Lyrics from Beetle Boi

So baby please dont leave

me Imma be on TV

Girl i know you’ll see me

I’ll give you a freebie

We could ride around all day, come and see me

Lets go in my beetle

Ride around illegal

You could be my sequel Dont you feel so evil

You’ll be my paralegal Play it so medieval

We could ride around all day, this aint no diesel

We dont need no people

Dont you know we equal

I’ll pull up in my beetle real quick

Yeah you see me in the paint real slick

Got that red paint, classic, yeah thats it

Got those old styled rims, with the chrome, yeah we on

We wont go home We’re gone for long I’ll make a songLets put it on Its about you

Cause i lose it, when you put me in your queue Girl

just remember we like glue We’ll pull it through Lets grab a brew

Yeah youre with blue

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